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QUB Dragonslayers

Queen's University Belfast Gaming & Anime Society

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Dragonslayers is the official gaming club of Queens University Belfast (QUB). We provide a forum to satisfy the needs of gamers from the university, Belfast and Northern Ireland. Although we are predominantly a student based society, our doors are open to everyone over sixteen. We offer our members a venue to enjoy their chosen games, a full calendar of exciting gaming events, and a forum to meet other gamers. Whether you are an experienced veteran, a casual beginner or just interested in seeing what all the fuss is about – we have something to suit your needs.

Dragonslayers is also the official Anime club of Queens University. As well as our gaming facilities we have a dedicated Anime Cinema at all of our weekly meetings. Having support from all of the major UK anime Distributors (MVM, ADV, MangaUK, Beez) ensures that Dragonslayers is one of the only Anime groups in Northern Ireland with access to the latest Anime content and legal permission to show it!

Dragonslayers weekly meetings draw more than 100 people from across the gaming and Anime spectrum. The Tuesday evening sessions are held between 5:30pm and 11:00pm in the Beech Room, which is located on the First Floor of the QUB Students' Union.

Although many of the student clubs at Queen’s wind down their activities during the typically quiet Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays, at Dragonslayers we don’t close. If for any reason, such as a public holiday, we are not able to hold a meeting it will be announced on our web site.