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14 March 2007 @ 16:04
Dragonslayers Feast!  
Heylos party people!

This month in Dragonslayers I am organising a night out at the Foo Kin and the Speakeasy Bar.

The event is due to take place on the evening of Wednesday the 28th of March at 7pm. We will be initially going to the Foo Kin Noodle Bar (located at Bradbury Place, Belfast) then to the Speakeasy Bar (located in the Student's Union).

The invitation to this event is opened to Dragonslayer's members and friends! So don't be shy and come right along! We'd love to have the pleasure of your company!


I'll be going around Dragonslayers on the following dates to collect a non refundable deposit of £5 on the 20th and 27th of March. Remember if you don't have your deposit we can't guarantee that a place will be saved for you in the Foo Kin! So if you are bringing friends I'll need their names and deposit too!

Therefore, the 27th of March is the last night that you can give me your deposit!

So make sure you speak to me i.e. Nikki at Dragonslayers on Tuesday or send me a PM on the forums. Alternatively you can email me: charisma_black@hotmail.co.uk. I can be found at Dragonslayers from the time of 6pm to 8.30pm. If you have any problems in finding me I'm sure someone would be more than glad to direct you to me!

Events Manager