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22 November 2007 @ 18:06
Slayers24 All-nighter in two weeks!  

Dragonslayers will be hosting another one of our popular 24 hour games events in just over two weeks. Here's what you need to know:

  • When? 12 Noon Saturday 8th December - 12 Noon Sunday 9th December
  • Where? QUB Students' Union, Second Floor, Snack Bar (Now with heat)
  • What's Happening? Console Gaming, PC LAN, Tabletop Games - competitions, tournaments & prizes!
  • How much? £5 General Admission, £10 with a PC
  • Anything else? There will be a tuck shop selling essential supplies, such as hot drinks and sweets.
Check out the Slayers24 page for more info.

Slayers24 will include a Bring & Buy Sale!
This all-nighter will be special, as between the hours of 12pm and 8pm on the Saturday, Dragonslayers will be hosting a Bring & Buy Sale. If you have anything you are looking to get rid of, such as old games, DVDs or books then bring it along and try to flog it! All proceeds go to the people who bring the stuff. :)

It should be noted that the QUB Science Fiction & Fantasy Society will be selling off their extensive library of over 600 books, DVDs, videos and games. The Dragonslayers will also be selling what remains of our library. So there will be a treasure horde of stuff to buy!

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